How to invest in Australia’s future without a bond or bond fund

With interest rates at record lows, many investors are starting to consider what their retirement savings should look like.The key is a long-term bond fund that will help to protect them from the risks of inflation.The AFR’s Peter Tork looks at some of the best options available.Topics:investment,stocks,wealth-funds,wealth,economics-and-finance,federal-government,government-and/or-politics,government,wealthy-business-group,financial-industry,,australia

What are the chances of Juventus scoring a hat-trick against Parma?

Parma 2-1 Juventus, Tuesday, 12:30pm GMT (10:30am CET)Live on EurosportWatch the highlights from tonight’s Serie A clash between the two top-flight clubs.The Bianconeri have already reached the Champions League final and could win it on home soil this season with a fourth successive win.However, they have not yet reached the knockout stages and face an […]

How to Spot the Fake Pet Turtles

PETTUCKET, Utah (AP) Peter Hunziker and his wife, Laura, love turtles.So much so that they purchased a new one in November.It’s a great pet for the family, but the turtles are real turtles.And they’re not just for decoration.Hunzikers, who have owned a pet turtle for almost three decades, are not just interested in turtles for […]

How to deal with a puppy that is a snob in its new home

A new home for a little live pet.It’s cute, but it’s also not so much.Aussie pet owner Katie Henson has found herself with a few problems.The adorable little creature is a puppy named Pete.When she moved into the apartment, Katie found it was very much like her new home, but Pete wasn’t happy about it.“It’s […]

Paul Cushing on Pets United: ‘We’re Not Going to Be In A Place That Cares About People’s Pets’

I can’t help but think that Paul Cashing and the Pets United are on a roll.The group, which launched on Craigslist in February, is raising $500,000 in the next two weeks for the Humane Society of the United States, the organization that helps pets in need.It has also raised over $100,000 for an anti-cruelty campaign.“The […]

Black pete riveras cat photo reveals a black cat in an abandoned home

The Black Pete Rivera photo on craigslist has gone viral, thanks in part to its creepy, cat-like exterior.The photo, which has garnered thousands of views on the internet, has the cat resting on a sofa in a room with two other cats.The cat has two black stripes across his chest, which is also painted white.In […]

When someone posts photos of a dead dog on craigslist, do they expect to get a response?

craigslist has seen a massive increase in dog and cat photos in recent months, and it’s easy to see why.According to a recent report from research firm Technomic, more than 50 percent of all pet photos posted on the platform in the first half of 2017 were of dogs and cats.In the same time period, […]

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