What happens if you want to keep a pet? | Pet carrier is the new ‘bait’

There are a lot of new technologies that promise to make your pet more accessible, more loving, more comfortable and more secure, but one of the biggest questions is: What happens when a pet carrier comes along?There are so many new ideas about how to use your pet carrier to be the best companion in […]

Pete Falk: A Pet’s Guide to Life in the World of Pets

By Pete FalkPET FALK is one of the greatest athletes of all time, a three-time Olympic gold medalist and the longest-tenured pro soccer player in the United States.He’s the head coach of the Chicago Fire, an MLS franchise that is currently the second-longest-tenure team in the league.Falk has spent the last 14 years working in […]

How Pets Plus and Pets Plus Plus Plus became pets in your life

The pets you thought were cute are actually pets, and now that you’ve adopted a pet, you can feel like a celebrity, as the popular pets plus app is now getting a little bit more mainstream. The Pets Plus app was a hit, but it wasn’t a big deal for everyone, and the pets plus program […]

‘Chameleon Pet’ Star Peter Luger Gets a Tattoo!

Peter Lugers new movie “Chameleons” stars Peter Mayhew, who plays a man who lives with the name of the chameleon, and is given a tattoo to celebrate his new role.Peter Mayhews new movie, “Chamelons” premieres May 29th on Fox.It is based on a childrens book of the same name by Paul and Wendy Clark.Peter Lugerman’s […]

Australia’s pet-food industry hit by pet food prices surge

Pet food manufacturers are facing a second downturn in a row after pet food companies found themselves under pressure from a wave of demand for their products amid rising costs of the new, highly nutritious pet food.Key points:Pet food prices surged in September, hitting $13.7 billion, the third consecutive month of spikesPet food companies are […]

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