KC pet project reaches milestone in Arizona

KC Pet Project, the nonprofit that created the kennel for homeless pets in the Phoenix area, has reached its $40 million goal, raising about $2.5 million from the Arizona State Legislature and Arizona residents.KC Pet project co-founder, Jennifer Stoddart, said it has been a challenge to find a permanent home for the more than 600 dogs who have lived in the sanctuary since it opened in 2012.

Stoddart said the sanctuary has not had any visitors in three years, with the majority of the dogs being adopted from animal shelters.

Stoddard said the goal is to have 1,000 dogs at the sanctuary by the end of 2019.

The Kc Pet project has raised about $40.6 million from a variety of sources including contributions from businesses, the Arizona Department of Agriculture and a variety, but most of the money came from the state and state lawmakers, said Stoddar.

Stodart said in addition to the funding from legislators, Stoddan’s husband, Mark Stoddars, and her daughter have also contributed.

The goal is $25 million, she said.

Studdart said KCpet is a unique project that she and her husband have worked on for almost a decade.

Studdart has worked for Kinkos, a chain of pet stores in Phoenix that offers adoption and training services.

She also worked as a veterinarian for an Arizona Animal Health Center before the project.

The kennels at the Kcpet sanctuary are equipped with a variety items such as beds, blankets, food and a crate for the animals.

Kinko says it has had to make a change to how it operates, after a number of staff members were fired.

Kinkos spokeswoman Jessica McLean said Kinkas owner, Brian Jones, was “disappointed” to learn about the loss of the staff.

The company is continuing to work with KinkoS to offer a new service.

Jones said he will be “very excited” to have the new Kinkopet service available for KCPet clients.

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