How to Spot the Fake Pet Turtles

PETTUCKET, Utah (AP) Peter Hunziker and his wife, Laura, love turtles.

So much so that they purchased a new one in November.

It’s a great pet for the family, but the turtles are real turtles.

And they’re not just for decoration.

Hunzikers, who have owned a pet turtle for almost three decades, are not just interested in turtles for their beauty, but also for their safety.

They keep their pet turtles in a secure cage with a mesh net to keep them from getting into the water.

Hunsikers has found the turtle he’s looking for is a young female that he has caught and brought home for him to have for a quick look at the new pet.

Hunzliker says he is a pet enthusiast and has a collection of hundreds of turtle eggs and thousands of baby turtles.

He has found a very rare, very cute, beautiful turtle and has taken it home to look at and keep it safe for his family.

Hunzer, a former Marine, is not just a turtle collector, but he has been caring for turtles for nearly a decade.

He said he was interested in reptiles from birth until he got a real one.

He found out he was a pet owner when he was diagnosed with cancer.

He was given a life expectancy of 10 years and then he was transferred to a hospice facility.

Hunzo’s son, Matthew, a Marine veteran, was also diagnosed with the disease and had to be put into hospice care.

The two started caring for their turtles when Matthew was in his 20s.

They were both given the names Peter and Laura and their first turtle was named after them.

Hunznis son, Matt, is now 18 years old.

They started caring more for their new pet when Matt was in college and Matthew was about to graduate.

They wanted to bring their turtle home so they could see what it looked like before it became a pet.

Matthew said that he knew it would be a fun turtle.

He had always wanted to have a turtle for his grandfather.

Hunzel said he knew the turtles would have some special features.

“There are some of the features that we would not have had had with other turtles, like claws and tails and eyes,” Hunziler said.

“But with the turtles, they are really cute and we think that’s the most important part of it.”

Hunziler and Hunziers wife, the late Laura, had found a new turtle for the couple to take home.

Hunzinger said the turtle was a very young one.

The couple had already taken care of the young female turtle that they had purchased years ago and it was safe for her to have the turtle.

“The thing that surprised me is that the baby turtles we found were so tiny, and we thought they were going to be bigger,” Hunzliers son said.

“We have always had a lot of turtles,” Hunzer said.

He says the baby ones were very cute and didn’t look like they were ready for their life in the wild.

“We were able to keep it very well,” he said.

HunZer and his son, who is an Air Force veteran, said they were excited to have their new turtle.

They said they had already bought a couple of other turtles in the past.

“You can’t keep a turtle forever,” Hunzo said.

The Hunzilers are interested in more turtles and are now planning to start buying and keeping a couple more.

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