How to explain why Peter Mullan and Pete Peterson love each other so much

Peter Mulla was a popular member of the Washington Redskins football team.

The 6-foot-4, 325-pounder, a two-time All-Pro, was drafted in the second round in 2002 and has appeared in 15 games for the team.

But, after an injury-plagued 2013, Mullan was traded to the Arizona Cardinals.

Peterson, a 6-6, 330-pound defensive tackle, was acquired from the New York Jets in the 2015 draft and was a cornerstone piece of the Jets’ defense from 2014-15.

But Peterson’s career is over.

In 2017, Peterson tore his ACL in his left knee during a practice and the two are no longer together.

“We are both very sad and disappointed,” Peterson wrote on Instagram in March.

“But, it’s just business.”

Petersons wife, Kelli, who is also an athlete, wrote in March that the two will “continue to grow and play together as a team and hopefully we’ll get back to being friends again soon.”

Peterson said on Twitter that he and Mullan will be “working hard” to get back together.

Peterson and Mulla had a rocky relationship for years before the former left the team last season.

During the 2015 season, Peterson and Mullans relationship soured after Peterson allegedly punched Mullan in the face during a training camp altercation.

Peterson allegedly told Mullan, who was with a woman at the time, “If I’m ever going to get out of this situation, you’re going to be out here on my back, and you’re never going to walk away from me again.”

During his time with the Redskins, Peterson also had an altercation with a fan during a game in Arizona.

Mullan, however, denied the incident happened.

Petersons wife also accused Peterson of sexual assault in a lawsuit filed in March 2016.

Peterson denied the allegation in a statement to ESPN.

After the incident, Peterson filed for a restraining order against Mullan.

While Peterson has remained friends with Mullan throughout the years, he did not return the favor. reached out to Peterson for comment but has not heard back.

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