Why Bitcoin will become a trillion-dollar industry, according to Peter Todd

Peter Todd, a senior analyst at investment firm KKR, predicts Bitcoin will eventually become a $1 trillion-a-year industry.

The reason: because there’s a huge amount of data that’s stored in it, which will be valuable to companies.

Todd said the blockchain technology is being adopted by a number of companies, including Google, Facebook and Microsoft.

He added that the reason companies are adopting blockchain is because it’s a technology that doesn’t require a central authority to run it.

“You can run it on a network of computers and people don’t need to know who is running it or what the rules are,” Todd said.

And in a world where companies can easily run their own software, Todd said they can potentially use the blockchain to automate tasks.

According to Todd, one of the things that makes Bitcoin such a powerful technology is that it can be used as a payment channel.

You could buy a coffee at Starbucks and pay for it with Bitcoin, he said.

Todd also said that Bitcoin is the most secure way of using money.

It doesn’t need a central person running it, so there’s no risk that a hacker could steal your money.

And Todd said that because there is so much data stored on the blockchain, the data could be shared.

So that means that if someone stole your money, you could say, “You know what, you didn’t steal my money.

It’s in the blockchain,” Todd told CNBC.

Bitcoin has been gaining in popularity in recent years.

On Sunday, the digital currency gained $7.3 billion in trading volume, according the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index.

In the past two years, the currency has risen from $100 to $1,250, according Bitcoin tracker BitStamp.

As Bitcoin has become more mainstream, the value of the currency is rising as well.

After years of volatility, it has hit a new record high in February.

To understand how Bitcoin is gaining in value, it helps to understand why it has such a big impact on the world economy.

Todd explained how Bitcoin has its own unique rules that help it work, saying it has a system called a “smart contract.”

“It’s a computer program that allows the system to tell you what the outcome of a transaction is, and it also gives you an indication of how many bitcoins are in your account,” Todd explained.

This is important because in a normal transaction, a company like Starbucks would want to know how many dollars are in their account and what kind of payment it is, but Bitcoin allows them to do that in a way that nobody else can.

There are also a number different types of transactions that can be conducted on the Bitcoin network, Todd added.

For example, the first transaction a user does on Bitcoin can have a variety of different outcomes depending on the type of transaction.

Also, it’s very hard to track because every transaction is public, so it’s impossible to get a list of every single transaction.

Todd said if he had to choose, he would recommend using a cryptocurrency instead of dollars to get started.

I think that Bitcoin will be the world’s most valuable currency.

It can’t be controlled by anyone, and there is no central authority, and the value can go up and down,” Todd added in a video interview with CNBC.

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