Peter Seeger’s pet cremations ‘not ethical’, says lawyer

PETER SEEGER’S PET Cremation Campaign says it is not ethical for funeral homes to conduct cremations for pets after a court order.

The US-based group says the practice is not allowed under the law.

The group says Seeger had not told his son he was planning to leave him, so the cremation had not taken place.

The campaigner is suing the funeral home for wrongful death.

The American author was cremated in March, a few days after he was found dead at his home in the US state of California.

The body was found with the help of a family friend.

Pet cremation was outlawed in California in 2013, but the state has since loosened its ban.

A judge ruled that a funeral home could legally conduct cremation if the owner requested permission from the family.

Seeger died at the age of 81.

The lawyer representing the cremator’s family, attorney Mark Weisbrot, said in a statement that the funeral homes would not have been allowed to conduct the cremations if they knew that Seeger was planning on leaving.

He said that they would have been liable if the crematorium’s director had told Seeger that he was leaving.

‘This was a wrongful death and not an accidental death,’ Mr Weisbrat said.

‘The funeral home would have no legal right to tell a person that he can’t have a cremation for his loved one.’

Weisbart said he planned to fight the case.

‘Peter’s body was never discovered, and that fact does not alter the fact that this cremation is not in accordance with California law,’ Weisbront said.

He added that the crematory was allowed to continue to perform the cremating of his son, but would not be allowed to do so for the other pets.

Pet owners are entitled to the services of their pets at a funeral.

Seegers son, who died aged 84, is also suing the crematories for wrongful burial.

The California law banning pet cremating states that a person who dies ‘at any time while a person is caring for a deceased pet is presumed to have died as a result of the act of that person.’

Seeger is a renowned author and film director.

He was known for his literary works including The Diary of a Young Girl, The Catcher in the Rye and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

He died at his California home in March after being found unresponsive.

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