Paul Cushing on Pets United: ‘We’re Not Going to Be In A Place That Cares About People’s Pets’

I can’t help but think that Paul Cashing and the Pets United are on a roll.

The group, which launched on Craigslist in February, is raising $500,000 in the next two weeks for the Humane Society of the United States, the organization that helps pets in need.

It has also raised over $100,000 for an anti-cruelty campaign.

“The idea of Pets United is to bring together people who care about animals and animals in general and get them out to get out there and do some good,” Cushing told me over the phone.

“It’s also really to get people to talk about what pets are, how they’re treated, what the animal welfare issues are.”

And while it may not be a new idea, it seems that the Pets U.S. is a lot more inclusive than before.

“People can take a step back and realize that the animals in the world aren’t treated well,” Cashing told me.

“And we’re not going to be in a place that cares about people’s pets.”

In fact, the group has already had some problems, with one recent case of a cat dying at a shelter in Arizona.

“We had a cat that we were not able to adopt because of the state’s euthanasia law,” Capping told me, referring to Arizona’s so-called Death with Dignity Act.

“I’m not saying that’s the whole story, but the cats in the area are dying.”

As Cashing explained, it was a particularly bad case because there were no health-care providers around, so the cat was euthanized and buried at the bottom of the valley.

When the Humane Services office contacted Cashing, they didn’t offer a resolution.

But they did offer a list of local veterinarians who had already given up the cat.

“They’re just waiting on someone who has a heart condition, or a chronic condition,” Cacking said.

“But if they’re willing to work with us to do a service animal, we’ll be happy to give them that opportunity.”

Cushing also said that he was surprised to hear that the group had not taken donations, since it has been a success so far.

“Most of our members are on Craigslist,” he told me on Monday.

“So we have a lot of potential donors that are not able, but are willing to help us out.”

He also said the group would be looking to expand its reach as the election comes closer.

“That’s really our goal is to get our message out as quickly as possible, because it’s so important to get the message out to the people who are not even aware that there are people who love animals and care about them,” Canking said.

It’s also an important opportunity to show that Pets United’s mission is working.

“There’s no one organization out there that’s going to make a difference,” he said.

As for the pet owners, they’re thrilled to be part of Pets U., even if they’ve had some rough patches.

“A lot of people are not comfortable with the idea of getting their pets euthanased,” Cressing said.

The pet owners are not happy to see a group like Pets United that would make a statement about animal rights and animal welfare.

“You can’t say we’re just going to put up signs saying that pets aren’t being cared for,” he added.

“If you want to do that, I’m all for that.

But that’s not the point.

The point is we’re getting our message to the public, and if people feel that it’s important to them, then that’s what they should be getting.”

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