What is a ‘pet day’? And why does it exist?

It all started with Peter Murphy.

He’s the owner of a dog-training studio in Vancouver, and he’d been looking for a good home for his new pooch, Bob.

Bob was an English bulldog who had been a stray since he was three months old.

The dog had been in and out of shelters, and Murphy, who had an affinity for working with dogs, had never been one to keep a puppy or a kitten.

He had been bitten by a dog before, in fact, but nothing serious.

Murphy had always wanted to own a dog.

“I had a lot of dogs in the back of my mind when I started thinking about it,” he says.

“So I thought, I’ll take a chance on one of these, and then I’ll get to see what happens.”

Bob’s owner had been looking to buy Bob for a year, and they decided to take him on a dog training class.

The training class is something Murphy started doing when he was 18 years old, in an effort to get into the canine world.

He started teaching Bob how to hunt and how to get his head up in the air.

“It was something I did for myself,” he explains.

“You get a dog, you teach him to hunt.

And you teach your dog to jump, run, to play with toys.

They learn to do it really well.” “

And they get very good at it.

They learn to do it really well.”

Bob started learning to hunt when he turned five years old.

He was named for the town of Westfield, near his home in Vancouver.

It was also when he started thinking of Bob as his own.

Murphy is a passionate dog lover, and when he got Bob, he decided to name him after his hometown, Westfield.

“The town has an enormous amount of history,” he said.

“Westfield is where Bob lived for many years.

So I thought Westfield was a great name for him.”

Murphy is the only owner in Vancouver with a full-time, working dog, and while he has a full house of dogs, he does not own many of them.

He only keeps a couple of terriers, and has had his own mix of breeds.

He has a puppy named Stumpy, a miniature poodle named Taz, and a terrier named Big Bear.

But there are no formal dog training classes in the city, and for a while Murphy had trouble finding people who would be willing to pay for his training classes.

“My first dog class was a total disaster,” he recalls.

“There were so many dogs in class, and I was just not confident enough in teaching him anything.

It was not until his third class, at a training school called Dog Rescue, that Murphy realized he was getting better at teaching dogs. “

A couple of people took me in, and my classes got better, but it wasn’t enough to get me into a training program.”

It was not until his third class, at a training school called Dog Rescue, that Murphy realized he was getting better at teaching dogs.

“Dog Rescue is an amazing dog training school in Vancouver,” he remembers.

“But I just didn’t want to spend my life doing that.”

Murphy started teaching his students how to interact with dogs in a positive way, to help dogs learn to be good people, and to be happy in the world.

This led to a change in his training method.

“For the first time, I started teaching dogs to have a human nature,” he explained.

I think that’s a big difference. “

Now I start teaching dogs that the best thing they can do for a human is to do that for them.

I think that’s a big difference.

I don’t like to teach my dogs to be so sad or anxious.

They don’t feel safe to be around other people. “

They don’t want me to say anything to them.

They don’t feel safe to be around other people.

They want me just to be there.

That was a huge change for me.”

He went on to create a training class called Dog Training 101, and soon his classes had a few hundred dogs enrolled.

“We’re at the point where we’re able to do training sessions with a few thousand dogs in our class,” he continued.

“That’s a lot.”

At this point, Murphy has been teaching for over a decade.

His courses have become so popular that he has been able to bring in a large number of other owners who are interested in teaching their dogs the same techniques he’s been teaching.

In fact, Murphy says he has more classes than ever before.

“About two years ago, we had about three to four thousand people sign up to do Dog Training, and we’re about to have about half a million,” he told me. “In two

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