What Is Your Best Advice for Aged Cats?

craigslist is selling puppies at $150,000 apiece on the popular cat breeders’ website, but if you’re looking for a “cute” kitten, it’s probably best to look elsewhere.

While some breeders sell adorable, cuddly kittens for a paltry $1,000, many of them sell the puppies for $20,000.

The average breeder charges $40,000 for a litter of puppies.

While there are many reputable breeders in the world, most are located in the U.S. or Canada, where the average breeder is more than twice as likely to charge $1 million for a breed.

It may seem like the puppies aren’t worth much, but in the United States, they’re worth more than the average price of a house in the Bay Area, according to a recent survey by real estate agents.

In the Bay area, a $1.4 million house with four bedrooms, five bathrooms and a deck with views of the city is the average cost of a typical two-bedroom house in a major metropolitan area, according a report by realtor.com.

A $5,000 house is the median price for a two-bathroom home in the city, according the report.

As for the best way to spend your newfound wealth, consider the pros and cons of buying from a breeder.

Pros Cons The breeder knows what they’re selling.

You get a chance to show off your puppy to other pet owners.

Breeder puppies are available year-round, so you can take them anywhere in the country and have them at your disposal whenever you want.

There’s no competition.

If you find a kitten for $2,500 or less, you have the choice to keep it and keep looking for another breeder, according an article by Petfinder.com in 2018.

Cons Breeders who are unable to sell puppies quickly, as they have to sell their breeders first, are unlikely to take on new buyers in the future.

They can charge significantly more for their puppies.

It’s likely that the breeder has more profit to make, so the puppies will end up in a better condition.

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