‘A Very Walmart Pet’: An iPad app for your pet

A new pet app from the giant retail giant Walmart has been downloaded more than 10 million times, and its developer has received nearly $100,000 in donations in the last month alone.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Wal-Mart’s chief marketing officer, Peter Sellers, said the company’s pet app, Petsmart, is the first product from its pet-centric division.

It was built with “all the best features” and the “best design,” Sellers said.

The app is a mix of Facebook and Instagram, Sellers added, but it’s designed specifically to help pets interact with each other.

The app’s designers also added a new pet category for pets in the new year, including the new PetGuide, a free, customizable companion app for cats and dogs.

Petsmart is one of many new pet apps to hit the app store in recent months, many of them aimed at millennials.

It’s also been downloaded about 2.7 million times since it launched in September, according to the App Store’s statistics page.

Walmart launched Petsmart on the Appstore in late November as a way to improve the quality of pet care at its retail stores, as well as offer a pet-friendly shopping experience.

In a blog post about Petsmart’s launch, Sellings said the app has grown in popularity as “pet lovers are increasingly finding that they don’t always have a pet to call home.”

The app allows owners to make lists of pets they want to keep, which can then be sorted by age and gender.

Sellers noted that he has found that pet lovers are “very open to new things, new experiences, and new people.”

The company’s app is one part of a growing catalog of new pet products from other major retailers, including Amazon.com, Amazon Prime, Sears, and Whole Foods.

Sellings noted that the company has sold more than 1 million Petsmart pet products since the app’s launch.

A lot of the money Wal-Marts spent on Petsmart came from its sale of pet toys and other accessories, according the company.

That includes more than $60 million in pet accessories over the last two months.

Pigs can now be purchased with a special digital app from Walmart, where the app is free and can be used on Apple and Android smartphones.

The pet-focused Petsmart also includes a new “pets” section for pets, and the app offers a free pet-tracking app.

Pig-focused pet apps like Petsmart and Petsmart are also being made available for Apple and Google’s Android smartphones, where owners can make an appointment to pick up a pet.

Walmart Petsmart has received more than 2 million downloads since its launch in September.

Its developers also have received more donations than $100 million in the past month, according a data-center tracking company.

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