How to help pet owners in Oklahoma after an animal rescue

Oklahomans who were once on the brink of homelessness are now looking for help to help them stay afloat.

The state’s Department of Human Services (DHSS) has received over 1,000 calls about pet rescues, and they are a growing problem in Oklahoma.

There are currently more than 5,600 pet rescuers across the state.

But the number of pet owners who need assistance could go up if there is another pandemic.

Oklahoma’s pet rescue program started with the Cat and Fiddle Rescue in the 1980s, but the number has grown since then.

DHSS has expanded to include pet owners of all ages and breeds.

They are able to work with people in need, including homeless, elderly and disabled pets.

Many have been through similar situations and are now seeking help.

The program is designed to help people find and find loving homes for their pets.

The pets need to be cared for daily, but DHSS will pay for their expenses.

They can receive medical care and housing as needed.

The program has helped over 7,000 pets.

A lot of people in Oklahoma are now getting help for their pet, and that is great.

But we all need help in the meantime.

If you are a pet owner or have an animal in need and you are not sure if you can help, contact the Oklahoma Humane Society at (405) 732-2330.

They are always looking for people to help.

If your pet has been abandoned, you can call the Oklahoma Animal Shelter at (800) 539-1892.

The agency is looking for new volunteers and new foster homes for abandoned pets.

You can also call the agency at (580) 869-7000.

If someone is experiencing a health crisis, call the Humane Society of Tulsa at (816) 823-7171.

They have an intake process and will help you find a new home.

They also have a shelter in Tulsa, and the state’s pet adoption center.

The adoption process can take up to four weeks.

If a pet is being cared for by a shelter, the agency will help the owner with a pet health exam and vet visits.

The shelter can also give you referrals to other agencies.

The agency also offers free adoption referrals for people in the state with a low income.

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