How to save $50,000 by getting an affordable car coverage

A car insurance policy in Canada could help you save $10,000 a year.

The company, Peters, claims to be the first insurance company in Canada to offer a low-cost car policy with no out-of-pocket expenses for the average homeowner.

The policy, called Peters New Canada, is priced at just $20 a year, and offers coverage from $50 to $100 per month.

You can choose from a variety of auto insurance policies, including car, truck, SUV, minivan and SUV-type policies.

Peters New Canadian is the first in Canada, and it’s been around for some time.

“We’ve been doing it for a long time,” says Todd Beecham, Peters New’s president.

“I don’t think anyone had ever done it before.

We’ve been in this space for years.”

For some people, the coverage may sound too good to be true.

For example, some people who have been out of work for months or years are looking for a way to save money on car insurance, or maybe they just want to save a bit on their mortgage payment.

In the meantime, you might want to take advantage of this insurance policy, Beechamp says.

Peters says it’s the best low-income policy in the country, and the coverage is available to anyone over 18.

Beechamps wife, Sarah Beechams, is also a member of Peters New.

She’s been on the program for two years and is thrilled to hear that she and her husband are on it.

“It’s very good.

It’s very affordable.

You get a quote that’s just a little bit cheaper than other policies,” Sarah Bechams says.

The benefits of having a Peters New policy include no deductibles, no out of pocket costs, and no outages, Peters says.

You’ll get the coverage in your own driveway, in your car, or in a private driveway.

You just pay a flat rate of $50 per month, which is less than the $100 that you’d pay on the most expensive car insurance policies.

You only pay $25 a month in premiums.

Peters’ policy comes with a $5,000 deductible.

Beeches husband, Todd Beeches, is a lawyer and works for the Insurance Department of the Province of British Columbia.

He says he’s had success with his Peters New coverage.

He’s been able to save about $2,000 per year on his $150,000 car insurance.

“If I had to guess, I would say that the benefits of a Peters new policy are that you’re getting the coverage for free and it is affordable and it really is a great choice,” he says.

“You get a lot of the same benefits as a traditional car insurance that you would have had in your home.”

The car insurance company says that the coverage will be available to residents of British Colombia and Canada from the first of May to March 2019.

Beers wife says she’s thrilled that her husband has been able the coverage, but that she’s not satisfied with the price tag.

“At the end of the day, it’s just not the same.

It really does make you feel like you’re on your own.

It does make your life really difficult, and I think that’s really a good thing,” Sarah says.

While Peters New offers a low cost insurance policy to its members, there’s another option for people who don’t want to pay out of their own pocket.

The Insurance Department says it is aware of this problem and is working to help address it.

If you’re looking for affordable car insurance coverage, check out the insurance company’s website.

The insurance company is also working on adding an auto insurance option.

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