How to find your perfect cat

How to Find Your Perfect Pet article Pet store owner Pete Griffin is a cat aficionado and a pet owner in the truest sense of the word.

His passion for animals goes back to his youth when he found his first cat, a stray and feral dog named Pete.

Griffin and his wife, Cate, have owned and operated the Pet Shop at The Pet Store for almost 15 years.

Their love for cats and their experience with animals, along with their love of history, has helped them to create a cat-focused store.

“We started out as a pet store, so it was like the first place I ever went to look for cats,” Griffin said.

“The Pet Shop was a lot of fun and we were very happy with the cats we had.

We had a very small staff of four, so I was able to do a lot with the animals.”

The Pet Store’s success has made Griffin a sought-after cat-care consultant and now his business is one of the biggest cat-centric cat-adoptions in the country.

Griffin and his family are now looking for another cat for a couple of years, but Griffin and Cate have been looking for a new cat for nearly 10 years.

The first time Griffin saw a wild cat was in 2009 when he was walking his dog along the coast in North Carolina when a wild black and white cat jumped into his path.

“I was walking down the beach with my dog and I saw this cat,” Griffin recalled.

“And then I thought, this is really special, and I’m going to have to go find it.”

The cat was a little boy named Max.

“It was just a big, white, black and brown cat,” he said.

The family’s pet cat has since become a permanent part of Griffin’s life, living in a home with them, as well as in a nearby home.

Griffins’ passion for the animals has been a source of pride for him and his business.

“We love to have our pets in the community and that’s something I love about the business,” he explained.

“A lot of people say to me, ‘Why do you have pets?’ but I always say, ‘It’s an experience for the community.’

I love seeing these animals in the wild.”

Pet owners have always had the option to bring their pets into the community, but with the advent of online pet-sharing platforms like Facebook and Instagram, many pet owners are finding it more challenging to find suitable cats for their pets.

Griffin, however, believes the new generation of online cat-lovers are more open to having pets in their homes.

“The younger generation is a big reason that we’ve seen a lot more adoptions come in,” Griffin explained.

The more cats that people have on their Facebook feed, the more they will see.

“I think a lot younger people, they’ve been exposed to Instagram, they’re using Facebook to find cats, and they’re seeing more pictures of cats online and they’ve probably seen the videos online that are being shared, they have friends who are also looking for pets and they are seeing the same things online,” Griffin continued.

“So it’s been really exciting to see that there is a lot [of cat-finding] going on.”

Griffin says he has a few cat-solutions that are both practical and beneficial to his business: “I think I’ll probably take some of the animals from our cat-collection facility and I’ll take some that have been out there and I think that will be great,” he joked.

“There’s a couple that I don’t want to bring in because I think it would be a waste of the animal and we wouldn’t be able to use it.”

Griff, Cail and Max at home.

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