Pet supply store owner Peter Gunz has a little bit of a pet crush on feisty pet store owner feisties husband Peter Schiff

Peter GunZ has a lot of friends and relatives who are feistys and can be very, very supportive.

The owner of Feisty Pet Supply, which is based in Perth’s inner west, has a few family members who are also pet lovers and can’t wait to have another family member to come in and see the animals.

“My wife and I have been friends for a long time,” he said.

“When she was first diagnosed she was just a few months shy of two, so she’s been in my life for a couple of years now.”

Feisty Pets owner Peter has a crush on the owner of Peter Schiffs house in Sydney, who he considers a good friend”Peter likes to play around with the animals in the back yard,” he told

“It’s a very special place for us, it’s a nice, quiet little place, it has a great vibe, and we’re always looking for the perfect pet.”

I’m a bit of an outdoorsman, and I like to get a bit outside, but there’s nothing I’d rather do than have a pet in the house.

“Feismy Pet Store is one of the best pet stores in Sydney and sells over 50 species of animals and has a small pet supply store.

The store has been operating for a decade and is one-third of the way through its second life as a pet supply business.”

The owners are really nice, very friendly and very helpful,” Mr Gunz said.

Mr Gunz’s family has a wide range of animals including a golden retriever, a parrot and a kangaroo, and he’s been saving up for two years to purchase them.”

There’s always been a lot going on in my family so it’s always nice to have something new,” Mr Schiff said.

The Schiffys live in a house with a dog who is currently on the property.

Mr Schiff also has a pet shop and has had the store open for business since the beginning of 2017.”

We love it,” Mr Smith said.

He’s had a few customers come in from Melbourne who are very enthusiastic about coming in to see the pets.”

They like the place and they’re very interested,” Mr Shiff said, adding that they’re a bit picky about the dogs.”

For me, they’ll probably get a couple a day but I know my wife and kids are really excited about it.

“Mr Schiffs shop is currently closed due to renovations but he said it was worth the wait.”

You can get a lot out of it,” he explained.”

All the pets are available, there’s plenty of space, there are plenty of seats and there’s a large, open area where you can play around and look after your animals.

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