How to get the best tattoo on your pet

A pet owner who has lost her pet may have to go through an arduous process of getting a new tattoo.

In addition to choosing a design and size, she also has to be sure her new tattoo is of the highest quality possible.

But while many pet owners opt to get a new design on their beloved pets, others have to find a new artist, and there are even some that have to wait until they are too old to care for their pets.

So if you are considering getting a tattoo, be sure to talk to your vet about the procedure.

“Most people who go through tattooing can get it done in about two weeks,” says Laura Wooten, the founder of The Tattoo Artist for Pets.

“If you wait, they may not get it.”

Here are 10 tips for getting the best tattoos on your beloved pet: Start early When your pet is a puppy or kitten, get your pet’s medical information from the vet.

The sooner you know your pet has been diagnosed with cancer or other chronic illness, the sooner you can start planning the tattoo.

“A good tattoo artist will have an ink drawing done on your dog or cat as well,” says Wootens.

“That way you can see how much time has passed since your pet was diagnosed.”

Wootes recommends choosing a tattoo artist who is a local to your area.

“Some pet shops have good tattoo artists,” she says.

“The main issue is that they don’t want to put a pet on a human because they don\’t want to lose their business.”

Wooes also says that you should plan ahead for the tattoo artist.

“I always recommend getting a copy of their license,” she explains.

“They are the only ones who can write and sign the contract and have the rights to the work.”

“It’s not like you are a criminal.

Your pet is your property and you need to protect it.”

Woe to the thief The most common method for stealing a pet’s tattoo is a shoplifting.

Wootys recommends using the tattoo shop as a place to hide a tattoo if your pet doesn’t have a license.

“You can also hide the tattoo by having a tattooed on the dog or by cutting it off with scissors,” says the tattooing expert.

If you’re concerned about your pet getting hurt, try to keep your pet in a safe place.

“When you’re looking for a tattoo on a pet, look at what they are wearing, what they look like, what their personality is,” says Carrol.

“Do you see a tattoo that looks like a knife?”

Wootans says that when you look for a pet tattoo, you should always choose a design that is of “high quality.”

“I do not think it is a good idea to get an artist that does not have a tattooing license,” says Carol.

“There are many tattoo artists who will charge more than $20 for a good tattoo.”

“But if you can get one of those guys to do a good job, it can be done in an hour or two,” says Sheppard.

“It is a very quick and easy process and a great way to save time and money.”

When you are done with the tattoo, take the picture and send it to the tattooist.

“After the tattoo is done, you have to send the picture to the shop for their approval,” says Mazzuca.

“This is the best part about having a pet—it is not just for a souvenir,” adds Carrol and Woot.

Wearing a tattoo will help to “show your pet that you care about them and appreciate their love and devotion,” says David.

“Tattoos also help to create a bond with your pet.”

Wearing the right design at the right time, says Sheres the tattoo that is the most important part to having a beautiful tattoo.

Waning your love The time for your pet tattoo is not only the most appropriate time to have it done, but also the time to get your relationship back on track.

“Your pet may be getting older and you are just trying to get them out of the house, so the best time to tattoo them is right after they are getting their love back,” says John Wootan, the tattoo specialist at The Tattool Artist for Cats.

“So don’t leave your pet unattended when you are getting your love back.”

Woomen says that the best way to get love back on your loved one is by having regular visits with them.

“One of the most wonderful things about having pets is that we can do our best to make them feel loved again,” she states.

“We can’t always be there for them all the time, but sometimes it feels good to let them know that they matter to us.”

Here is a list of the best pet tattoo artists in the U.S. and Canada.

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